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AGP Assurance

Doing business with Inacre has been a revelation for us. The time consumed in order to recruit talented employees is considerable when we consider the search, the resume selection, the first interviews, etc. The people at Inacre have proved to be very effective in their prospection by exploiting their vast network of contacts to find the perfect candidate. Thanks to their services, we were able to invest all of the saved time in the development of our business. Inacre is now part of our recruitment strategies.


Since 2011, we have trusted Inacre Conseil for all of our recruitment needs, especially in IT. We appreciate their effectiveness and ability to understand our different needs. In addition to advising us in our process, they guide us in our human resources strategies when needed. Ian and his team are a real growth partner for us. I strongly recommend them to anyone wishing to find the candidate that will advance their business.


We were looking for a manager for our new division “business and web technology” and Inacre found the “rare gem”, only two weeks after the start of the mandate!

Connexence inc

Last year, our business expanded very quickly. We needed a little help to provide ourselves with HR tools adapted to our new situation. We decided to call Inacre, who have answered rapidly by delivering a Social Benefit policy that was unanimously accepted by our personnel. Inacre have also contributed with two key employees, who are now pillars in our company.

Cycles Lambert

Inacre conseil have been real business partners for Cycles Lambert for a little more than a year with its HR subcontracting services. From the start, Inacre have understood and targeted our specific needs while also taking into account the nature of our organisation and its culture. They have presented us quality candidates, and, with every detail possible. During the mandate, the communications and follow-ups were frequent and the professionalism and adapting capacity of their personnel was flawless. Inacre conseil, flexible services and a win-win approach.

Data Carte Concepts, inc.

We have been well served by the Inacre Conseil firm, and specially by Mrs. Sabrina Généreux. Contrarily to other firms where they try to push candidates that don’t necessarily have the right profile, she has taken time to understand our needs and was very flexible and patient with our case, which ensured that we completed it satisfactorily.

DS Lawyers Canada

The professionalism and efficiency of Inacre Conseil allowed us to meet our recruitment needs on several occasions. The perfect match of the candidates we have been offered to the positions to be filled is just like the excellent customer service offered by Inacre. Especially since the level of our requirements equaled the difficulty of the positions to be filled, which did not discourage the team of Inacre Conseil!


Thanks to Ian and his team to meet our recruitment needs. They always manage to find the resource that meets our needs despite a field in high demands and meet all the specifics needs for security and audits of our company. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve and streamline its recruitment process!

Fonderie Industrielle Laforo

We work with Inacre since 2012 and the results are proving to be very positive. Despite the difficulty in filling certain positions, our Consultant Sabrina never gives up. She managed to clearly define our needs in order to introduce qualified candidates.

Friperie St-Augustin

Inacre conseil is above all a consultant company with expertise dedicated to HR management, who has a real growth ambition and recognition in HR management. These criteria have made us choose this organisation in order to complete a diagnosis on the state of our company’s HR. This approach, which follows the development of brand value and the implementation of communication tools, has permitted the board of directors to develop a triennial HR training plan.

Furthermore, it is a company who privileges proximity with its consultants and our managers. The diversity and simplicity of its consultants is also one of their great qualities. This is why we convey our Management Coaching mandates to Inacre Conseil, being the first stage of our training plan.


Inacre working with us to find highly skilled programmers in Quebec.

They make sure to well take our special needs and do not despair on very difficult recruitment. We greatly appreciate the care made by our Consultant and we are proud to recommend them.

H2O Innovation

After several months of unsuccessful searches, we have given the mandate to Inacre Conseil to find us some talent in rare fields of work. The Inacre representatives quickly understood our needs and the nature of the given mandate. The task was executed in a few weeks and the results met our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with Inacre.

Le Prohon

A dynamic and professional team who listen to our needs!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services to our company. We have always appreciated the timely deliveries of resumes and quality candidates to Mahindra. We acknowledge and appreciate your services and we look forward to have such excellence in the future as well.

Ouellet Canada

Ian and his team are partners of choice in recruitment. They are really attentive to our needs and work very hard to satisfy their client. I particularly appreciate their honesty at all stages of the recruitment process. It’s a pleasure to work with them!

Rouillier Communication Marketing

We just fill two positions at Rouillier Communication Marketing. A new world, a new atmosphere and offices crowded with creative energy. I feel very fulfilled as an entrepreneur. Thank you to Ian Calvert and Sabrina Genereux at Inacre Conseil Inc for their excellent service. We are experts in marketing, branding and digital but not hiring!! I was pleased to have been supported in my recruitment process by them. Outstanding service with quality and speed. I strongly RECOMMENDED them

Soligo Gruppo

We have been working with Inacre conseil for a year now and the results obtained are more than positive. Even though we have difficulty filling certain positions, our advisor Sabrina never gives up. She succeeds to understand our needs in order to present quality candidates.


For different hiring needs, sometimes in difficult circumstances, we trust Inacre Conseil to support us since 2011. They are efficient and understand our needs quickly. Furthermore, their flexibility allows us to use their services well beyond simply recruiting. Ian and his team are always available and enthusiastic to offer us their support, and they quickly became partners for us. We recommend them with pleasure.

Tétra Tech

Occasionally, on highly complex recruitment, we trust Inacre Conseil to support us. They are professional, efficient and quickly understand our needs. As a customer, we feel we are their priority. It is always nice to talk with a member of this great team and that’s why we recommend you with pleasure!

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