You wish to obtain strategic planning for your human resources management that is adapted to your strengths and organisational opportunities?

We perform a Diagnosis (audit) of the actual human resources management in order to identify sources of improvement in terms of the different human resources management tools and practices in place and also to prioritise actions with an achievement timetable.


Preliminary meetings

Preliminary meetings with company executives in order to acquire information on your expectations but also to take notice of the human resources tools and practices in place.


Individual meetings

Structured individual meetings with other company key players, with the objective to identify their level of satisfaction regarding your company’s human resources management.



Visit of the company to have an overall vision of the company and its organisational culture.



Rigorous analysis of the collected data in order to prepare a complete document.


Preliminary report

Preliminary diagnostic report submitted to management to confirm that our analysis’s positioning on the situation is fair and meets expectations.


Final report

Final report submitted including a summary of the situation, our analysis, proposed solutions and achievement timetables.

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Our HR diagnosis can be subsidised up to 50% by Emploi Québec. Inform yourself today!

Our procedures are structured and have a proven success over many years of practice. The results are always beneficial for the companies.

We establish a relation of trust with our customers
We use the right tools necessary for your needs
We identify the problems rapidly when consulting members of your workplace
We involve and mobilise players in the approach
We have a great ease to interact with all players
We offer a single-window approach for all your needs or HR solutions
We have a service that is centered on customer collaboration