More and more clients trust us on several HR aspects, from recruitment to business intervention to improve organization growth, relevance, and viability. As a result, in 2014, we collaborated in the recruitment of more than 350 jobs and carried out more than 9,000 hours of consultation.

LThe great success of Inacre is dependent on its employees who are committed, day after day, to providing the best services to our customers in a short time.

To maintain the family spirit that reigns at Inacre, we are always on the lookout for talented employees.

What is a talented employee?

  • A person who has a great customers approach to go that extra mile to satisfy their customers.
  • A person who shares his information and who will want to include himself as a member of the Inacre family.
  • A person who is always in a good mood and who shines.
  • A person who likes to learn.

Are you a talented employee?

Do not hesitate to send us your application. Better yet, come meet us in person and prove it to us! The members of the Inacre team are always available to meet potential talent!

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Current employee
 – President

I have been working at Inacre since 2010

«Working with a family spirit» is what our employees say when talking about Inacre. This philosophy is felt as much in our approach with our clients as with our candidates. A factor that sets us apart from our competitors.

The second factor that sets us apart is that at Inacre, we recruit staff for our clients in headhunting mode. We don’t wait for a candidate to apply, we seek them out. Unique approach because to date, we are one of the few firms with this way of doing things. Our clients appreciate that the recruitment process goes faster and the candidates presented are very targeted to their needs.

Current employee
 – Recruitment consultant

I have been working at Inacre for almost a year and I can say that it is a very warm working environment, very family and dynamic atmosphere. Mutual aid is really something important at Inacre and this is what allows us to develop there.

Current employee
 – Recruitment consultant

Inacre has a dynamic, efficient, specialized and very professional team.
Positive points: Schedule flexibility, warm atmosphere, team spirit, efficiency, passion.

Current employee
 – Recruitment consultant

What I like the most about my job at Inacre is the different challenge of each mandate, my autonomy and working with a close-knit, available and collaborative team. Outdo myself with my colleagues in a healthy, respectful and motivating way! The important thing for us is to succeed together! The opportunity to work from home, at my own pace and with my style! Have a meeting every morning to discuss our goals or just to have a coffee! Without forgetting our little ones 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. to talk about our successes! Being able to go to my appointments and manage my schedule in my own way without stressing myself is a big plus! Not to mention our benefits! For me, well-being at work is very important and at Inacre, they have understood this aspect!

Former employee
 – Business Development Consultant

Professional, friendly and welcoming workplace

It was a very positive experience. The friendly and warm work environment can make all the difference for an employee. Working at Inacre was great, I felt welcomed and respected, which allowed me to focus on tasks and motivated me to be more productive.


Is one of your colleagues, friends, relatives or personal contacts bored at work because it’s not a good fit for them and you know it? Or are they unemployed and seeking their next opportunity? If you see that his/her skills match a  job that we have advertised then let us know!

Three winning elements that could give you between $250 to $ 700.

How to do it?

Very simple, send an email to the consultant in charge of the position, indicating your contact’s full name, phone number and email. The contact details of our consultant are clearly visible on our job offers.

When will I get paid?

You will receive your money as soon as your contact has been hired by our client and will have passed his probation period (usually after 3 months). You do not need to ask for your money, everything is done onby itself once the probation is completed!

Is the program confidential?

Yes quite! Your contact will not know that you have provided us with his contact details. However, we will notify you when your contact has started their new job to confirm the success of the hiring. We will never reveal who our customer is, the new salary of your contact or any other confidential information.