Inacre Conseil is composed of seasoned, dynamic and efficient consultants who specialize in both Human Resources and Management. We offer four types of services to various businesses in the Quebec City Area: specialized recruiting, relocation & integration, human resources assignment and specialized business consulting.


Recruitment strategies

Through the recruitment process, we sit with you and go over your expectations, needs and deadlines. We assess the requested job descriptions and suggest modifications, if needed. If a job description has not been drafted, we also set it up with and/or for you. We then proceed to validate your requirements (training, experience, knowledge, skills, etc.), personality profile (with and/or for you) and terms of employment (salary, benefits and work environment) necessary for the position to fill.


Candidate research

We advertise your job offer on various websites. We broadcast it via various social networks, within our own network of contacts, and, if needed, in newspapers or through other methods of communications we feel are relevant for the position.



We evaluate all received candidacies and categorize them in order of priority, according to the expectations established during the elaboration of the strategy (step 1).


Selection and verification

To help narrow our selection range, we perform a phone interview with the candidates to see if they meet the requirements for the position to fill. We then hold a first individual interview to test the candidates’ knowledge, abilities and interpersonal skills. We proceed to check the favorite candidates’ references and judicial record. If needed, we make these individuals undergo medical, psychometric or in-basket evaluations, or take any other kind of complimentary tests deemed necessary by your organization (additional fees apply according to the exam). If needed or desired, we hold a second interview in your presence, or send the best candidates to meet with you.



We can provide you with assistance during the final selection process and negotiate, in your place, the finalist’s hiring conditions, if requested. We verbally inform the other candidates on their inability to meet the position’s requirements and draft their refusal letter.

Our candidacy hunting services are free of charge.

If you hire one of our referred candidates, we charge a commission fee of 10% on the candidate’s annual salary.

We offer a three-month guarantee with every referred candidate.

With INACRE, you benefit from a personalized service and are kept up to date throughout the entire process. No need to call us; our team keeps you informed on a regular basis.

Single pricing
High efficiency at finding the right candidates
Great knowledge of the area and job market
Unmatched network of contacts and vanguard candidate research method
Service focused on client collaboration
A stainless record; to this day, none of our clients have had to replace one of our candidates.
A stainless record; to this day, none of our clients have had to replace one of our candidates.