Inacre conseil is composed of seasoned, dynamic and efficient consultants who specialize in both Human Resources and Management. We offer four types of services to various businesses in the Quebec City Area: specialized recruiting, relocation & integration, human resources assignment and specialized in-house consulting.


Preliminary meeting(free)

The first meeting allows us to better outline your expectations and needs in terms of HR services. We evaluate your needs and budget in order to determine which of our consultants would be the best fit for you. This evaluation allows you, at the same time, to validate our knowledge and skills.


Meeting with the consultant(free)

This hour-long meeting aims at building mutual trust between you and our consultant. It also allows you to see if our consultant fits with your company’s vision, mission and values. If the match is to your liking, our consultant becomes your representative, which grants you access to all of INACRE’s HR services and solutions.


Our expertise

Management of the Employee File
Management of the Recruitment and Hiring Process
Management of the Yearly/ Performance Review
Management of training
Management of pay and benefits
Management of the HR Protocol and Procedure Elaboration
Management and maintenance of work relations
Management of labor standards and collective agreements
Management of health and safety cases
We handle the full recruitment process according to law, in an efficient and structured manner.
We maintain your employees’ knowledge and skills in order to preserve your competitive edge and leading position in your market.
We support your managers throughout the entire evaluation process in order to make this HR practice constructive and cost effective for everyone.
We preserve the conformity and legality of the information found in your employees’ files.

We adapt our approach to your budget and needs, which is why our rates are flexible and affordable.

INACRE is a consulting firm that puts its wide array of expertise at your service. With only one representative assigned to your case, our structure provides you with a unique venue for all your HR needs or solutions.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best quality of intervention, tailored to your needs and budget.

We also assist you in your research for financial aid, granted by Emploi Quebec.

Relationship based on mutual trust with our customers
Tools used specially for your needs
Quick assessment of the problem through various consultations with your field’s players
Involvement and mobilization of different players throughout the various stages of the process
Great ease of interaction with all the stakeholders
Unique venue for your HR needs or solutions
Service focused on client collaboration