The 5Ps for a successful interview

13 July 2021

The in-person interview directly at our clients can be a stressful time, but with the 5P rule, you can’t go wrong. Preparing well for your interview will put the odds in your favor.

The most important P is being PREPARED

  • review previous positions and dates on your resume
  • know the job and the company which you are interviewing by (job description and company’s website)
  • use the elements of the job description to highlight your skills according to the tasks and skills required

Being on time is not being PUNCTUAL

  • arrive or connect 5-10 minutes early
  • check that your computer/phone’s camera and microphone are working properly


  • dress according to the job you want
  • look awake and styled


  • say hello, introduce yourself and thank the interlocutor for having this interview with you
  • maintain a good relationship with the interview representative
  • avoid inappropriate words and noisy environment

Do not underestimate the PRE-INTERVIEW

  • the telephone interview is an important step in the recruitment process since it allows the employer to make a first approach with you and see if you can meet their needs
  • if you are called at a bad time, let them know and plan a new call at another time