WOW who pays a headhunter to get hired personally?

7 June 2017

Is it me or is there a new way to do recruitment / headhunting where you make the candidates pay to find them a job? For about two months now, a few of the candidates that we were approaching are asking us: “How much do you charge to place me?”

Those who know me well will recognize my legendary curiosity by asking the following questions: Who, When, Why and How much? I am really surprised to see our competitors charging candidates for their services! 

Would you pay to be place without having a formal guarantee that you will be happy in your new / future job? At Inacre, you will not have this problem!

We are particularly proud of our recruiting work in collaboration with our clients and candidates. It is not for nothing that our 450 clients appreciate us and why we have set up our own database of 300,000 candidates so quickly.

Are you looking for a new job? Contact a member of the Inacre team and you will not need to pay us to help you get hired


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