Lise Désaulniers

Business management and human resources, C.R.H.A.

Lise Désaulniers specializes in business management and human resources and has many years of experience in medium and large businesses. She has occupied management positions in human resources, health and safety and in the management of production services. She works as a consultant in sectors including manufacturing (chemical, woodworking, textiles, and clothing), metallurgy, services (transportation, childcare centers, insurance), and the restaurant and hotel industries. Her main areas of intervention are: organizational development, skill development, assessment of resource potential, management coaching and pay equity.

For the evaluation of resource potential, she uses Trima, a tool in which she has been an accredited analyst for ten years. Trima’s approach by competency offers a model that incorporates three levels of human behavior which are:

  • Social styles
  • Skills
  • Leadership style

Her expertise in pay equity has given her the chance to work for several hundred companies, including some with more than 100 employees, that require the establishment of one or more committees, the training of its members and their support.

Her intervention philosophy includes the transfer of knowledge by use of practical tools in order for the client to achieve autonomy in management. In addition, she initiates a reflection to make her clientele aware of their skills and to find personal solutions on their own.

She graduated in human resources management and in psychology at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.