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Wage Equity Package

Why invest in long and tedious hours completing your pay equity process? Did you know that the majority of companies, even accountants or human resources specialists who do it by themselves, make mistakes that can be very expensive to businesses?

Example: If you mistakenly increase a certain job category of $1 per hour, and that you have 10 employees in this job category, this will result in a total cost of $ 20,800 ($ 1 / h x 40h x 52 weeks x 10 employees) in salary adjustment for that category alone! Imagine that you have multiple categories of employment at your location and that each one contains errors!

It is therefore important to do business with a firm that has a good reputation in pay equity.
Our consultants perform nearly 400 files and pay equity audits per year (to be done every 5 years).

INACRE has built turnkey packages with its customers, with guaranteed peace of mind!

  • Max of 49 employees

  • 2450 $
  • Max of 99 employees

  • 3200 $ *
  • * With a maximum of 20 job categories within the company.
    For 100 employees or more, please contact us.