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Piece Rate Recruitment

You are recruiting but need additional help to stimulate applications or make verifications.

INACRE and their customers have built, over time, customised packages to assist you.

  • 150 $ / Job

  • We post your job opening on various social media networks like LinkedIn , Twitter, Google+ and Inacre’s Facebook page.
  • 550 $ / Job

  • We sort out the received CVs for you (analysis) and send you the most relevant ones.
  • 200 $ / Candidate

  • We take 2 references per candidate and we complete the process.
  • 300 $ / Maximum of 10 candidates

  • We conduct telephone interviews to test the candidate and measure the applicant’s expectations for the position (up to 10).
  • 600 $ / Job

  • We post your position for 7 days on our website which also has a job alert.
  • In addition, we will display it on a minimum of 3 other job sites.
  • We will transfer you all of the received CVs.

* Please note that in the custom packages, we are unable to give any guarantee on the number of candidates we will receive. Moreover, we cannot guarantee a replacement of candidates that will be referred.

You want a hassle-free recruitment solution that is only payable based on the results? Consult our all-inclusive recruiting package or talk to one of our consultants for more information!