Full HR Solutions Package

Your business does not have a human resources department, but you wish to have one in order to recruit your resources and assist you in the management of your human resources? INACRE and its customers have built over the years, solutions that have been perfected and adapted to the needs of Quebec SMEs. These packages allow you to have a human resources generalist in your company, a team of recruiters that have a solid network of contacts and a database containing over 80,000 candidates. All working for you and the success of your business! With one of these packages, you have your complete human resources management in your company. Contact us for the full terms.
  • Ruby

    • Recruitment 5 gold packages / year
    • Consultation 15 days / year
  • Emerald

    • Recruitment 9 gold packages / year + 2 platinum packages / year
    • Consultation 30 days / year
  • Diamond

    • Recruitment 20 gold packages + 5 platinum packages / year
    • Consultation 90 days / year
  • Chameleon

    • You can create your own packages based on your needs. (For example, less recruitment and more time for consultation). Contact us for more information and to create your own package!